Ice Queen [live]


Pueraria Lobata [live]


Sonnet For Shakespeare


Brave New Voices (International Youth Poetry Competition)

Somewhere In America [with Belissa Escabedo and Zariya Allen]

Shots Fired [with Zariya Allen, Walter Finnie, and Kyland Turner]


Knock Knock [with Belissa Escabedo]

2014 Brave New Voices Recap!


23 thoughts on “Poetry

      1. Abby Mertes

        My name is Abby Mertes. Your work inspired my best friend and I to make our own. Go to http://www.ellentube.com and search “Somewhere There’s a Newborn” and tell me what you think. It would mean the world to me!

  1. SIerra

    I love your poetry, I can tell how much you care through your poetry. Hopefully I will be as good as your with my poetry one day.

    1. gbmcgavin Post author

      Thank you so much. It mean a lot to me to hear that folks such as yourself can be inspired by what has given me great joy. Find your poetry, Sierra, I cannot wait to see what you do!

  2. M.S.

    As a survivor as sexual assault, I just wanted to thank you for your poem “Rape Joke.” You said exactly what needed to be said and put other rape poems in their place. You hit the nail on the head. Keep doing what you’re doing- you’re impacting a lot of lives. 🙂

  3. kymberlee

    You have deeply inspired my daughter to write and express herself. It’s been a rough year and she needed something to help her reorient. Thank you for being you. 🙂

  4. Annemarie

    You inspire me SO MUCH. You are so amazing. Your poetry is so amazing. Thank you for being such a caring, amazing person and for writing fantastic, beautiful, powerful poems!!!

  5. Camryn Mahnken

    I love your poems! I’ve been listening to them for a while now and I’ve thought about trying to recreate one for a Speech & Debate competition I participate in through my high school. For the poetry section of the competition, the work being presented needs to be published. I was wondering if 1.) your poems are published? and 2.) if you wouldn’t mind me using one to perform, of course giving you full credit for your beautiful words? Please get back to me if you can! Thanks, and keep doing what you’re doing!

  6. Priti

    Hi Rhiannon, I just wanted to say your poetry & that of your peers is so spirited and inspiring. Thank you for standing up for yourself and others! Keep doing what you do!

  7. NS

    Hello! I just wanted to let you that I absolutely love love love your poetry! Please do more of them, because I thoroughly enjoy them!

  8. McKenna

    I’m looking to do a forensics competition, and I’m looking to do a set of poems. Do you have any recommendations? Also, I love your poetry and your performance.

  9. Gracia

    Not sure if you actually read these or not but it seems like a waste not to tll your favorite artist they’re your favorite artist especially since it’s easier than its ever been to do so, but yeah you have a really strong poetic voice I love how you relate things to science it makes everything logical as well as emotional.

  10. Nina

    ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノI don’t actually know you so I can’t possibly be in love with you.
    (But I’m definitely in love with you)

  11. McKenna

    Your poetry ranks in my top ten favorite pieces. Especially Ice Queen. I’m going to be performing some of them in my local VHSL Forensics competition. I’m so excited.

  12. Teela

    I would like to know if your poems are published. I would really like to use your poem “art class” for a forensics competition.

  13. Grace

    do you know if there’s any lyrics available to your slam poem “Shots Fired?” It’s a really powerful poem and I am on a speech and debate team and am interested in using some of it in one of my Program of Oral Interpretation pieces (with credit given). Thank you!

  14. Rawad Hachichou

    I’d like to say your poetry is absolutely amazing and so inspiring. It gives me absolute chills each time I listen to it and I listen to it on repeat. I’d like to become a great poet just like you one day. Keep doing what you do because it brings me so much happiness! huge fan right here

  15. Aurora Stefanic

    I am a huge fan of yours, and as a fellow poet, I admire you immensely. I really hope you come to Portland at some point, I would love to be able to meet you.
    Keep up the amazing work, and congrats on your book, I can’t wait to read it!

  16. Kyt

    Hey. I love your poems and I would like to do your poem “Art Class” for a competition. I would like to know if you are okay with me using your poem, (I would give you full credit for your words) and if it is published. The competition requires the poems you use to be published and I’m not sure your poems have been published.
    Thank you for being so incredibly inspiring!

  17. Rhys

    Hello, I just wanted to say that your poems have really helped me with inspiration for my own writing. Your poem “Art Class” especially. I also wanted to say that you are an absolutely amazing person, and you really help people with your words. Your poems are incredibly powerful to me, which I hope to see even more of! Thank you for your words, Rhiannon!


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