Condensed Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet, or: That Was The Worst Three-Day Weekend Ever


A Midsummer Night’s Dream, or: Don’t Go Into The Magic Forest Without Using The Buddy System


Merchant of Venice, or: A Pound of Flesh Isn’t A Sanitary Way To Settle A Debt


Much Ado About Nothing, or: HA! Now You’ll HAVE To Fall In Love With Me!!!


The Winter’s Tale, or: Statues and Lost Princesses and Bears, Oh My!


Twelfth Night, or: Shipwrecked And Hungover


Macbeth, or: Their Marriage Counselor Is Very Disappointed


Hamlet, or: Put That Skull Down!


Titus Andronicus, or: It’s Really, REALLY Important To Use The Buddy System In The Forest, Okay


Comedy of Errors, or: Twelfth Night With Twice The Twins And Half The Good Writing!

1 thought on “Condensed Shakespeare

  1. Oliver

    I love your Condensed Shakespear so much and I’ve watched them all with my friends multiple times. My cast even watched your “Twelfth Night”, where I played Valentine, during one of our cast dinners. I’m also a big fan of your poetry, and I always find it so inspiring whenever I see you show up anywhere, whether it be my Instagram feed or my school’s assembly. I just want you to know how much I look up to you. Keep being awesome.


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