This video was made as a part of The Bridge Exchange, an exchange program for young artists between VidCon and the Brave New Voices Festival to bridge the spoken word and online video communities.

Enjoy and if ya like it, please leave a comment!

1 thought on ““Heriditary”

  1. Marsalis Atkins

    Hi….I don’t know if you will get this or if I am just being crazy like always but I found your spoken word on Facebook today while cleaning out my room for the big move and had three thoughts. First you are really pretty…and I know this seem a bit weird getting a compliment from a guy on the internet who could be an axe murderer or some perv living in his mother basement but I assure you that I am not some axe murderer…the perv part is debatable I am only 17. Second I would like to say that YOU ARE AMAZING AT SLAM POERTY (the caps lock is the only way to share my level of excitement at your epicness). Your poetry is just so captivating and moving and I want to take parts of it and turn it into an piece for speech and debate and ahhhh. Sorry I am done fangirling…and third I would like to say thank you for performing and writing poetry and being crazy weird and stuff….not many people thank people for being them so I thought I would thank you for being you…Now I know this is a bit crazy and I have no idea if you will get this or even think that I am not some crazy axe murdering lunatic but I still wanted to tell you that you are awesome and thanks for making my sunday.
    -Marsalis Atkins


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